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Top 10 Pics Of Sexy Celebs With Nice Butts

When it comes to nice butts, there is never a shortage in Hollywood. These top 10 pics of sexy celebs with nice butts prove that. There is nothing quite like a beautiful, round and perfect butt. Even more so, when the nice butt is on a celebrity or famous person. Hollywood has many men and women who have great asses. But most people seem to always focus on the women’s derriere. It is that kind of attention on nice butts that has made Kim Kardashian one of the most followed on sites such as Instagram and Twitter. Kim K. is constantly publishing pictures showing her enormous and huge butt.

Others on the list of nice asses are none other than Beyonce. The popular singer has a sultry voice and beautiful face. Along with that though, is also her nice, big and round ass.

Jessica Biel has what is considered, one of the best asses when it comes to celebrities in Hollywood. Proof of this perfectly nice butt can be seen all over the internet in the millions of animated GIFS showing Jessica Biel’s ass. Most of those GIFS came from her role in the movie I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry. While the movie was not that great, the scene where Jessica strips and shows her nice butt is priceless.

Eva Mendes has a hot and juice ass to go along with her gorgeous face. Her round and huge butt is constantly being photographed by the paparazzi and anyone who gets close enough to it.

Although Jennifer Lopez is already 47, she still owns one of the hottest and thickest butts in Hollywood. The singer and actress became famous for her perfectly round ass in the film Selena.

Sara Jean Underwood may be not as widely recognized  as some other celebs on this list. But she does have a nice butt worth mentioning. So are the asses of Scarlett Johansson, Jen Selter and Sofia Vergara.

How to Create an Online Gallery?

It would be a great edge for a photographer to have an online gallery for their own portfolio. In today’s trend, people are so exposed to the internet that having an own online gallery would be a great platform to showcase his/her photos. Such exposure to these platforms can be a great help especially for those who are just starting their careers. Different kinds of software or websites are very much available and are of free of charges in trial versions. Some of these are as follows:

jAlbum – One of the fastest ways to showcase your portfolio. After installing the software, all you have to do is add photos towards the program and select your favorable skin of the gallery. This software would be a great help for photos to be organized and well shown. This is because jAlbum wants to make their clients satisfied through making their software so much easy to use.

Albumizr(beta) – This website is accessible and easy to use. Although Albumizer has a lesser variety of gallery design and skins, but the way it is given to the people around the internet is very promising. This website can be navigated through select and drag system, which makes it very much easy to use.

Portfoliobox – This platform lets their clients go free trial for one month which can host up to 30 images but this trial has access to the templates of the pro users. But if registered as a pro member, it can host 1000 images and have unlimited pages, products, and blog posts. Pro members also have its own domain for free all for just 6.9$ per month. But rest assured that being a pro member would be a great help for every online gallery needs.


There are a lot of platforms where you can create your gallery. Those mentioned above are platforms highly rated to be the most accessible and easy to use. Making an appealing gallery would be a great first step towards a successful photography career.

How to Sell Your Pictures Online

For photographers, having a website to showcase your portfolio and advertise your services is quite essential. Some photographers opt to use photo-shoot packages to do this. However, if someone is browsing your gallery and sees a photo they like, why not give them the opportunity to purchase that photograph right from your website? Selling photos online will not only promote your portfolio, but it can balance the setup costs of your page and even turn it into a profitable business over time.

The following are some of the renowned business that you may sell your quality photos that you believe people may want to pay for:

PhotoShelter – PhotoShelter is a great tool for when you want to sell your photos on your site. Pro-tip about this website is that you have all the control over how your photos are displayed. On top of that, you will not have many competitors since your photos are shown alongside your own only. At its core, it’s a photography-oriented e-commerce platform that you can incorporate into any other website. Similar alternatives for PhotosShelter are Pixpa and Fotomoto.

Alamy – Alamy offers photographers up to 50% royalty payment on each photo sold. Another thing about Alamy is that it doesn’t demand exclusivity; which means that you are allowed to sell your pictures elsewhere.

Shutterstock – Since launching, Shutterstock has paid out over $350 million to its benefactors. When you upload a photo to the site of your preference, you can still keep the copyright and can earn up to 30% of the sale price of your pictures varying on the size of your image. By now, the payout is between $0.25 and $28 per sale.

There are so many other websites where you can sell your quality pictures. The ones featured in this article are those that are highly reputable and offer amazing royalties to contributing photographers. As your photography skills improve and have an idea on what photos that sell well (and those that don’t), your forays into this field will eventually become more lucrative.