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Why Celebrity Porn GIFS Are So Popular

Have you ever wondered why there are so many sex pictures of celebrities available on the internet these days? Also, why celebrity porn GIFS are so popular and easily found all over the web? While there are several factors to consider, one of the most contributing components has been the cell phone. Almost anyone has a smartphone or a mobile device now. Smartphones have not only made our lives more convenient, they have also changed the way we see, hear, buy and share information. The explosion of these highly advanced cellular phones, has been a major reason why there are so many celebrity sex pics on the internet. It is also an important reason why celebrity porn GIFS are so popular.

Anyone Can Take A Sex Pic

A few years ago, if you wanted to take a picture of someone, you had to either hire a photographer to do it for you, or buy a digital camera. In an instant, digital cameras exploded on the market. They made it easy for people to photograph anything and everything they wanted, whenever they desired. Plus, digital cameras were also very inexpensive and small. That made them very affordable and they could be taken anywhere. Before long, cellular phones became equipped with digital cameras which took great photos. In addition, these high quality cameras not only took pictures, they also recorded videos.
As more and more people began to have smartphones, images of just about anything began to appear on the web. That included hundreds of sex pictures of celebs. In many cases, the celebrities themselves uploaded the images to the internet. Numerous celebs shared them with their followers in popular social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. There were also several instances when the sex photos or nude images of celebrities, were leaked to the web by hackers or spurned lovers. That included many videos of celebs having sex or performing sexual acts.


From Sex Pics To Porn GIFS

Once the availability of celebrity sex pictures grew, the tables turned. It wasn’t long before people discovered how awesome animated GIF images were. Unlike a video that took forever to upload and shared, GIF images were simple to send or shared with anyone. While they did require some photo editing skill to create them, making a GIF image was not that difficult. In an instant, many users began creating porn GIFs out of their favorite celebrity sex pictures. They also began to rip apart nude scenes from the sex videos of celebs and turn them into mini porn GIFS. That led to the explosion of celebrity sexy GIFS we have today on the internet. The tides changed quickly from sex pics of celebs, to free pics online of celebrities.


By the time some of the famous people tried to stop the flow of celeb porn GIFS, it was already too late. The flood gates were opened and people on the internet loved the sex pictures turned to porn GIFS. To make matters even worse for celebs, the demand and thirst for celebrity sex pictures or porn GIFS grew.


Money To Be Made From Celeb Sex Images

It wasn’t long before some individuals realized that there was some serious money to be made from the nude, racy or sex images of famous people. More and more sites began to publish porn GIFS of every kind of celebrity out there. The paparazzi became hungrier than ever in trying to catch celebrities with their clothes off. In their quest to photograph famous people nude or performing sexual acts, the photographers went on stalking sprees.

Hackers were also looking to cash in on the demand of celebrity sex pictures and porn GIFS. They began to target the private Cloud accounts of several rich and famous people. For hackers, it was a win win situation for them. If they hacked into a celebrity’s phone or private account, they got all of their personal info. That meant financial information such as credit cards and bank accounts. In case they did not get that, there were the private sex pictures celebs had on their cellphones. And in some cases, sex videos.

 The Price To Pay For Being Famous

The names of celebrities whose personal Cloud or phone accounts have been hacked, increased dramatically the past year. Famous stars such as Jennifer Lawrence, Amanda Seyfried, Kate Uptown, Amber Heard, Kate Uptown and Vanessa Hudgens all had their private sex pictures leaked on the internet via hacking. That also became another one of the prices celebrities pay for being famous and being in the limelight. It was also a price to pay for taking sex pictures or sexy and racy pics of themselves. And for recording videos of themselves while performing sexual acts.

That is not to say that the blame is on the celebrities for doing what everyone else does in their private time. Celebrities are entitled to take their own sex pictures or record themselves having sex if they choose. However, they have to realize that they have more to lose than the average person does.
Celebs need to remember that  as the demand for their sex pics and porn GIFS grow, the dangers of their accounts being hacked will increase. After all, that is the price, or one of the prices you pay for being famous.

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